Climate Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation Network (CliVIA-Net)



About Clivia.NET

The Climate Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation Network (CliVIA-Net) perform higher education and state-of-the art research on matters related to climate change adaptation (CCA), climate variability adaptation (CVA), Ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) and climate risk-management (CRM) on coastal areas, ecosystems, water resources, well-being and Eco-health in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Aim. CliVIA-Net is aimed at:

  • i) Improving graduate level education in several disciplines with a global change and climate risks focus,
  • ii) Researching climate change and variability science-based management with a focus on climate variability and extremes,
  • iii) Influencing decision-making on local and regional levels.

Our network is a university-based education and research effort from across the spectrum of the natural and social sciences, engineering, geography and health.

Current components

t is a regional network that develops virtually driven from the Virtual Center for Climate Change of FP-UNA. integrated by Genaro Coronel (Paraguay), from Marilyn Aparicio-Effen (Bolivia), Alicia Villamizar (Venezuela) and Gustavo J Nagy (Uruguay) and it has several local adherents from the region.


Many universities around the world are conducting studies and technical research on issues related to climate change, both mitigation and adaptation.
However, as evidenced by the recent 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) held in Paris in December 2015, there is much room for improvement in relation to the role of universities in the negotiations and influence decision-making on this issue of global importance.
The researchers involved are the field of climate change in the broader sense, not only of the knowledge of traditional ambiance, but also the fields of environment, economy, administration and media studies.

Coordinator of CliVIA.Net:

Coordinator: Gustavo J Nagy, Visiting Professor of Global Change and Climate Risks (FP-UNA).

Our Objectives

  • Generate projects and publications as a result of the institutes
  • Provide an overview of the efforts of universities and research projects on climate change,
  • To provide researchers across the spectrum of natural and social sciences, the opportunity to introduce innovative research methods
  • To present the results of empirical research or research initiatives focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation


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